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5 Health Benefits of Going Outside

With the weather turning in most of the northern US, getting outdoors can be more attractive and achievable on a regular basis. Here are 5 health benefits of going outside:

  1. Immunity boost. Spending even a short amount of time surrounded by nature can positively impact your immune system, boosting cancer-preventing cells in the blood.

  2. Decrease depression. Being outdoors can increase both dopamine and endorphin levels, which promote fulfillment and happiness. 3.  Stress relief. Taking a few deep breaths outside can not only make you feel calmer, but it can also reduce muscle tension and blood pressure, which lowers cortisol, the stress hormone. 4. Attention restoration. Constant activity in your brain can leave you drained. Nature can help recharge your cognitive resources, thus reinstating focus and attention. 5. Connectedness. We are social creatures. Despite the isolation of the last couple of years, nature is a constant friend. Being outside can help revive our sense of belonging and connectedness, squashing feelings of loneliness.

5 health benefits of going outside


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