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BAM Choreography Teachers Pittsburgh


DancEMPOWER is an exclusive, private group of supportive individuals. Together, we build each other up through themed events, judgement-free dance & fitness classes, and 1-on-1 check-ins. In as little as 8-weeks, you will feel restored, re-energized, and confident in your ability to tackle whatever life throws at you. DancEMPOWER aims to combat stress and promote personal growth in an affordable and convenient movement-based program. And because we are EMPOWERing our members, you will be able to vote on preferred classes and programming!

BaM is not a big box store, we are the little guys. We understand the importance of balance and finding your wolfpack in a world full of never-ending expectations & responsibilities. You've found a home.

 Details & Subscription Below!

Dance & Fitness Classes

Attend public dance and fitness classes plus exclusive DancEMPOWER classes available FREE to members only. Join us in-person or virtually. Can't make it? Ask for a class recording or schedule a private session.

Additional unlimited access to our prerecorded Virtual BaM Library.

(2 Public Classes per Month, FREE Members Classes & Library Access;

Basic & Premium Bi*** Packages)

1-On-1 Check-Ins

Let's chat. We will talk about your goals and challenges. With our brains combined, together we will come up with creative solutions to best EMPOWER you!

(2 x 30-min Sessions per Month;

Premium Bi*** Package Only)

Social Support

Members will get access to a private social media network to share & support each other. Full of great tips and prompts, you'll find your tribe!

(Access to Private Group;

Basic & Premium Bi*** Packages)

Register for DancEMPOWER

Become a member and start feeling powerful AF in your skin! Subscriptions charge monthly, cancel anytime.

  • Basic Bi*** =  2 Public Classes per month + Unlimited Library & Members-Only Class access + invite to our supportive DancEMPOWER network

  • Premium Bi*** 2 Public Classes per month  + Unlimited Library & Members-Only Class access + 2x 30-min 1:1s per month + invite to our supportive DancEMPOWER network

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BaM Choreography - Dance and Fitness Lessons
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