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Register for Class

To Register for Class (please register at least 15-minute before class time):

1. Fill out the Registration Form below, making sure to note which class and date of class you are taking.

2. Pay for Class. We are a 'Pay What You Can' business. Most students pay $10-$20 per hour class. Guest instructor classes are $15.


  • You can drop-in & pay directly for class. Alternatively, class passes purchased at our Store can be used for registration. Please indicate in registration form.

  • Membership holders work directly with BaM for class registration & accountability. Click here to become a DancEMPOWER member.

Thanks for registering!

'The Basement' Address

101 Castlebrooke Drive

Venetia, PA 15367

Peters Township, South Hills of Pittsburgh

*Off-Street Parking in Stone Driveway



BaM Choreography - Dance and Fitness Lessons
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