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5 Ways to Avoid Junk Food

We have good intentions, but for whatever reason, the salty sweet temptations tend to throw us off our health track. Here are 5 simple ways to avoid junk food:

1. Clean out your pantry. Remove everything from your pantry. Get rid of expired or opened bags of snacks. Set aside items to donate to your local food bank. Organize any leftover snack items so that the healthier options are in the front and any junk food that your conscious or wallet can't let go of are pushed to the back. 2. Limit your grocery list. To make your budget and waistline happy, don't purchase junk food. If you shop in store, select items from the perimeter; this is where they keep the produce, fresh meats, and dairy. Don't be tempted to walk down the aisles with processed items. If you shop online, be conscious to stick to your grocery list and not browse. 3. Fill your body with water. If you are feeling hungry after a balanced meal, instead of reaching for a calorie-filled snack, try drinking at least 8 ounces of water. We often misread thirst cues for hunger. And filling your belly with liquid sends a satiating signal to your brain. 4. Delay & distraction. If you are craving something you know you shouldn't have, delay reaching for the junk for at least 15 minutes. During that time, distract yourself with something positive - take a walk, read a book, catch up on chores. When the time is up, reassess if you're really still hungry or if you just needed a change of pace. If hungry, try a healthy alternative. 5. Find healthy snacks you enjoy Our tendency to crave fats, sweets, and salt stems from our historic survival instincts. Instead of a bag of chips, find a healthy way to enjoy salt, such as nuts or seeds. Instead of cookies, how about a a piece of fruit? Love a burger? Try some avocado toast. Find tasty foods that your body will also enjoy.

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