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5 Ways to Boost Confidence

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5 Ways to Boost Confidence
5 Ways to Boost Confidence

Starting in adolescence, sustaining confidence can be challenging. With never-ending, picture-perfect social media and societal standards, it can be especially exhausting to meet expectations. Here are 5 ways to boost your confidence:

1. Remove Toxic People.

Maintaining a social circle of uplifting and supportive people is of utmost importance to our own self-worth. If there are friends & family who do nothing but bring you down, slowly disengage and stop allowing them to ruin your esteem.

2. Practice Positive Affirmations.

With each day seeming to start and end with a bang, it really takes practice to incorporate some positive affirmations. A simple, <10 second affirmation such as 'Today is my day' or 'Each day is a new opportunity' can do wonders for your mood.

3. Small Changes To Your Image.

Not particularly fond of your greying hair? Wish the years were kinder to your skin? While magical, overnight, age-reversing changes are not typically practical, you can still incorporate little modifications to make you feel good about yourself. Maybe a new skin cream with a fresh scent, a power outfit, or some hair highlights will help you walk a little taller? Indulge a little.

4. Reduce Comparison.

Comparison is inevitable. In fact, we are genetically-programmed to compare; it's a relic of our survivalist biology. What we do with that comparison, however, is what's most important. We can acknowledge a difference but we can also start to decrease our wishes to have more, be more, look like so & so. As #2, this is a practice but each step counts. And if all else fails, limit your scrolling for a period of time.

5. Be Kind To You.

Life is not without its ups and downs. Each obstacle can take a toll on our well-being. Instead of assuming that we'll be able to bounce back from adversity with our body, mind, and esteem in tact, take the time to acknowledge your feelings and when you're ready, start to rebuild. Kindness starts on the inside.


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