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5 Ways to End Laziness

5 Ways to End Laziness

With the changing weather, it's easier than ever to let the coziness of a blanket stop you from moving. Here are 5 ways to end laziness:

  1. Set small movement goals. A short, 5-minute workout can do wonders for your energy level. And if you want to build up to a longer session, it's easier after crushing shorter goals.

  2. Get plenty of natural light. Open your curtains and enjoy your coffee near a window. Go outside when you can. Invest in a Vitamin D lamp if you need even more sun-fueled energy.

  3. Drink plenty of water. Filling your belly with sugary, alcoholic, and/or caffeinated drinks is the quickest way to ensure a crash. Make sure to stay hydrated with natural H2O.

  4. Eat a protein-rich diet. It is especially important to get sustained energy through food in the colder months. Make sure to stock up on nuts, beans, and leafy greens.

  5. Allow yourself some downtime. Winter IS a time to reset. But once you have a good balance of activity and rest, you won't find yourself in a laziness lull to begin with.


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