5 Ways to Enjoy Sweating

Sweating is the body's natural way of cooling off. Here are 5 simple ways to enjoy the sweat from working out: 1. Use it as intensity barometer. Sweating during and after exercise certainly varies from person to person; however, most folks sweat more the harder they work out. Bask in the afterglow when you've gone all out! 2. Excess water weight be gone. Females can relate to the hormonal turbulence that leads to increased water retention. But get a good sweat on and you'll feel less stressed AND a little less buoyant. 3. Detoxed and feeling fresh. Moving your body helps the lymphatic system squeeze out impurities - and perspiration is one of the ways those stubborn byproducts are disposed. Hello skin benefits! 4. Your heart will thank you. Sweating is our biological response to cooling down. When our heart rate goes up, we need to sweat to avoid overheating. In turn, our cardiovascular system is worked out and stays healthy. 5. Avoid illness. Sweat germ-fighting substances. By stimulating the sweat glands, you can also help prevent colds and other stubborn bugs.