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5 Ways to Laugh During Exercise

5 ways to laugh during exercise

While there are a lot of strategies that keep us pushing forward and staying competitive in dance and fitness, there should also be a healthy dose of laughter. Movement does not have to be perfect; instead, we should embrace our missteps or tough moments with some big belly laughs. Here are 5 ways to ensure you're not taking workouts too seriously - learn to laugh during exercise :

  1. Choose an exercise class that embraces imperfection. If you're not a competitive person, don't pursue classes that require judging or level advancement. With less pressure comes more reasons to chuckle!

  2. Find a teacher that encourages effort over correct movements. When the leader is able to laugh, you're more willing to open up and do the same!

  3. Select fun music! No matter if you're working out alone or with a group, using a playlist that makes you remember a silly memory or provides a backdrop to your swagger can certainly lighten the mood!

  4. Wear an outfit that establishes your humor. Perhaps you have a funny T-shirt or an awesomely colorful headband. If you present yourself as less serious, you'll be more likely to laugh when you make mistakes!

  5. Workout with a buddy who also wants to destress when it comes to exercising. Laughing with a friend makes any movement all the better!


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