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5 Ways to Make Better Food Choices

5 Ways to Make Better Food Choices
5 Ways to Make Better Food Choices

Eating is necessary for survival, and the amount of food accessible in our society can cause tendencies to consume more than we should. Here are a few simple ways to beat those cravings & improve our choices:

1. Drink water.

Often, we mistake thirst cues for hunger cues. Next time you're feeling hungry, try gulping 8 ounces of water first to see if that fills your belly and sends satiety signals to your brain.

2. Eat more fiber & protein during mealtime.

If regular meals don't include enough fiber and protein, but instead a lot of carbs, you're more likely to need a snack soon thereafter. Add enough glucose-sustaining foods to your plate, and your blood sugar will be maintained for longer.

3. Good foods within reach.

If you're a desk or car snacker or if you're constantly jumping from one activity to the next, it's a good idea to keep good foods easily accessible. Keep some nuts in your desk drawer, keep a piece of fruit in your purse. Convenience is key.

4. Move more.

Moving the body and getting the blood flowing often curbs our appetite, mostly because the body shifts its attention to muscle energy instead of digestive. Additionally, post-workout, you will likely feel thirsty instead of hungry.

5. Delay and Distract.

No reason to feel hungry? Delay for 15 minutes and distract yourself away from the kitchen. If you are still hungry after that, then grab a healthy snack - otherwise, maybe you just needed to shift your focus.


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