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5 Ways to Motivate Better Eating

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5 Ways to Motivate Better Eating

When it comes down to it, what we consume has a large impact on how we feel. And we all know that we should put good things into our bodies...but sometimes we struggle to do so. Here are 5 ways to motivate better eating habits:

  1. Convenience. One of the top reasons most diets fail is because they're hard to adhere to. They take too much time to cook and too much effort to maintain. Make healthy eating convenient. Consider meal prep once a week or services that provide healthy options, keep easy-to-throw-together items on hand, and pack nutritious items for when you're running to and from baseball practices and other errands.

  2. Visibility. Keep healthy foods front and center in your fridge and cabinets. When you open the doors, you should be able to see the fresh fruit and veggies with ease versus having to dig behind boxes of cookies and bags of chips.

  3. Accountability. Get your family or friends involved in your eating quest. Explain your decision to eat better and let them know you value their support. If you're cohabitating, the meals you make may also sway your partners' and kids' decision to also eat healthy. It can be a win-win-win. And if you really want to stay on top of it, ask an important person in your life to check-in frequently.

  4. Small Wins. Even the slightest modification to your diet can help motivate you to progress and improve further. Celebrate your decision to cutdown on soda. Give yourself a pat on the back for eating an apple instead of a candy bar. With each decision, you are moving in a positive direction.

  5. Log Your Food. While this one may be quite controversial for those of us with deeper issues surrounding weight management, it can be helpful if used properly. Jotting down what you ate for the day is not a mechanism to make you feel bad, but instead, make you aware. And if you feel yourself creeping into the self-deprecation zone, reread #3 and #4 - they may be better strategies for your personality type.


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