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July 2021 #BaMFaM Spotlight: Rhiannon Brown

BaMFaM Member Rhiannon Brown
Rhiannon Brown

We've known Rhiannon since we were children - dancing together since the early 90's! From the start, Rhiannon has been a force, always putting her best foot forward and lighting up the dance floor. She joined us as adults a few years back and

guest choreographed at our classes in Bloomfield. We are so thrilled that she returned this year as an official BaMFaM dancer. We can't wait to work on our next project with you!

1. Full Name: Rhiannon Brown

2. How long have you been dancing? 30 years 3. Favorite dance style/genre? How could I pick?! 4. Why do you dance? It makes me feel like the real me. 5. What do you do when you're not dancing (occupation/other hobbies)? You can usually find me playing outside with my kids and the dog. I also enjoy yoga, reading, and crochet.

6. If you could go on tour with any artist as a backup dancer, who would it be? JLoooo

7. Words to live (and dance) by? “You can do anything for 15 seconds.” - Ally Love (especially in dance!) 8. Your handle/other contact info? @rhiannontokarbrown


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