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Abbey O'Brien: BaMFaM April 2024 Spotlight

Abbey O'Brien is a dancer and member of the BaMFaM.

Abbey O'Brien is a joyful and valuable addition to the BaMFaM! With her expertise in all things hula hoop and hoop dance, Abbey started moving with BaM during COVID. Her zest for dancing made her a quick learn and a fiercely energizing member of the group. Abbey made her debut in our latest 'He Had It Coming' video and has conducted several collab and guest instructor classes at our studio. We look forward to having Abbey shine with us for many years to come!

1. Full Name: Abbey O’Brien

2. How long have you been dancing? I’ve been hoop dancing for 16 years and have been taking dance classes on and off for 4 years now, but only seriously started committing to it regularly over the past 2 years.

3. Favorite dance style/genre?  Hip Hop

4. Why do you dance? I dance because it makes me feel incredibly happy, free, and at peace. It brings out an indescribable feeling that nothing else does, and I absolutely love it.

5. What do you do when you're not dancing (occupation/other hobbies)? I love hula hooping and teaching hoop classes, seeing live music, immersing myself in art, making and selling almond butter, and doing anything that involves lots of laughs and good food. I’m currently working full time as the office manager at a small CPA firm, and I love my career there!

6. If you could go on tour with any artist as a backup dancer, who would it be? Probably my favorite band, Billy Strings, but they would never actually have dancers, so I’ll go with my new fave pop star Tate McRae!

7. Words to live (and dance) by? Never take yourself too seriously, and try to derive joy from everything you do.

8. Your handle/other contact info? Abbey Oh on Facebook and @yinzylohan on Instagram


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