June 2022: #BaMFaM Spotlight: Barbara Brutt

We met Barbara through a mutual love of aerial arts. Upon finding out that her creative bones not only graced the circus studio, but also the writing and dance world, we immediately knew she was a force! Barbara joined the BaMFaM this year and performed in her first FaM production. We look forward to many more together!

1. Full Name: Barbara Brutt

2. How long have you been dancing? Since age 7, so that feels like my whole life.

3. Favorite dance style/genre? My training was in ballet, but I really enjoy a more lyrical style.

4. Why do you dance? Dancing moves my body through my feelings, and it’s often been a release from the emotional cycle.

5. What do you do when you're not dancing (occupation/other hobbies)? You’ll find me pirouetting across aerial silks or tendu-ing a pen to paper. In less amusing terms, I train and teach aerial classes, write books, and work my day job as a lead digital content specialist.