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Patricia (Trish) Coliane: BaMFaM May 2024 Spotlight

Trish Coliane is such a welcome and wise addition to the BaMFaM! With her years of loving to socially dance, Trish started moving with BaM after COVID & a concussion - a 1-2 punch that she pushed through using dance as her recovery. Her hilarious personality and incredible hugs make Trish a beautiful addition to our FaM. Trish made her debut in our latest 'He Had It Coming' video and wants everyone to know that at 58, you can most definitely learn new things! We look forward to having Trish move & groove with us for many years to come!

Trish Coliane is a member of the BaMFaM

1. Full Name:  Patricia (Trish) Coliane

2. How long have you been dancing?  Hhhhmmm, when did I start with you?  Was it last summer?  So maybe 1 year or more.  But I try to get up and freestyle dance whenever I get the chance (which is absolutely nothing at all like choreographed dancing). I’ve never been formally trained.  My husband and I dance a lot when we cruise or go to a wedding—we love it and it makes us happy!  We would free-style dance a lot more if given the opportunity.

3. Favorite dance style/genre?   I like it all.  No matter what kind of song is on, I find myself moving to it.  From rock and pop to rhythm & blues, jazz, big band, classical, reggae,  and even a little country.  I truly love to “dance like no one’s watching”.  Dancing lifts my spirits and makes my soul happy.

4. Why do you dance?  Throughout the COVID pandemic, I spent long hours sitting behind a desk at work, a situation that was exacerbated by the fact that I rarely left the house. The lack of physical activity was concerning to me, and I was not keen on the idea of working out indoors at a gym, especially during cold and flu season. Seeking a more engaging option, I decided to participate in BaM classes that took place outdoors in pleasant weather. Despite being 58 years old and still recovering from a concussion I suffered last summer, I found that these dance classes played a crucial role in my recovery journey. Multiple doctors who treated me for my concussion emphasized the importance and benefits of these classes in my healing process. They have become an integral part of my recovery plan, contributing significantly to both my physical and mental well-being by helping me alleviate tension, anxiety, and depression.  

5. What do you do when you're not dancing (occupation/other hobbies)?  I love spending time outdoors—hiking, biking, gardening, and I want to learn how to hunt for mushrooms!  I love spending time with my family.  I have two grandgirlies who are so unbelievably awesome and I cherish all of our adventures together.  If you need a reminder as to what’s really important in life, spend time with some little kids.

6. Words to live (and dance) by?  You only have so many trips around the sun. Make them count. Be as kind, love as hard, and experience as much as you possibly can.  Take chances, don’t be afraid to try new things, and try to be the best you.  Because you are awesome and I love you.

7. IG @adkinscoliane Facebook: Trish Coliane


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