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October 2017: #BaMFaM Spotlight - Aubrie Dauginikas

With her quiet grace and confidence, Aubrie never fails to impress. Her talent speaks for itself, and her passion for dance is wholehearted. Aubrie has been a special dancer in our lives for many years, having been taught by Bri at PK's School of Dance and now being a cherished member of the BaM FaM. We can't thank her enough for always making us look good and never failing to support our mission. Check out her moves on IG - she's making waves all while giving 100% to her college studies!

1. Full Name: Aubrie Dauginikas

2. How long have you been dancing?: Dancing since I was 4, but most likely before I was born!

3. Favorite dance style/genre?: Hip Hop :)

4. Why do you dance? I dance because it gives me the ability to speak through music and escape the stressfulness of the world for awhile.

5. What do you do when you're not dancing? When I'm not dancing, I'm thinking about dancing. But I also teach group fitness classes at the gym and you can find me there most times.

6. If you could go on tour with any artist as a backup dancer, who would it be? I would love to go on tour with Bruno Mars.

7. Words to live (and dance) by? "What you practice grows stronger." - Shauna Shapiro

8. Your handle?: @aubsrvations

BaMFaM Member Aubrie Dauginikas
Aubrie Dauginikas


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