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June 2018 #BaMFaM Spotlight: Wendy McCarter

BaMFaM Member Wendy McCarter
Wendy McCarter

A beautiful soul only comes around so often - and with @wendymccartersdstyle, we were lucky to have her come into our lives almost 10 years ago! Wendy has been a supporter of BaM since inception - following us around from studio to studio, performing with the OG squad, and never failing to put a smile on our faces. With her consistent positivity, she lights up the dance floor on every occasion. We are so happy to have Wendy as an official part of the BaMFaM (with her daughter not far behind!) and look forward to many more years together!

1. Full Name: Wendy McCarter

2. How long have you been dancing? Off & on for 35 years

3. Favorite dance style/genre? Hip hop & ballet

4. Why do you dance? Always makes me smile

5. What do you do when you're not dancing (occupation/other hobbies)? Assess legal risks/Chase my 2 year old

6. If you could go on tour with any artist as a backup dancer, who would it be? Justin Timberlake

7. Words to live (and dance) by? "Be smart about your own stupidity" - WMM

8. Your handle/other contact info? IG: wendymccartersdstyle

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