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5 Accountability Strategies for Physical Activity

Sometimes the hardest part about staying active is maintaining good habits. We have great intentions and perhaps we even keep a routine going for a few weeks...but then something seems to change. Here are 5 accountability strategies to keep up your physical activity regimen:

  1. Phone a friend. There is no better way to stay accountable than if you work with a buddy to maintain your exercise. Keep each other honest and check-in often.

  2. Pay in advance. Money can be a huge incentive for working out. While gym memberships aren't necessarily cheap, they are easy due to their auto-subscription charges. Instead, we'd recommend paying for individual classes & attending.

  3. Reminders. If you are already pretty self-driven, try creating an e-reminder in your phone that will pop up on the days you are to workout. Perhaps the urge to check off the box will be enough to hold you accountable.

  4. Create an agreement with an external healthcare partner. Maybe you need to increase your activity for health reasons? Talk to your doctor, dietician, or therapist to hold you to your monthly goals and check-ins. 

  5. Challenge & reward. There are a lot of competitive exercise programs available. Challenge yourself to complete the fitness goals and maybe incentivize yourself further with a reasonable reward at the end (such as a new outfit or that beautiful vase you've been eyeing up).


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