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5 Everyday Activities to Get Your Steps

5 everyday activities to get your steps

Moving around doing everyday activities COUNTS when it comes to exercise and hitting your step goal. Make sure your pedometer is charged and ready to track:

1. Park far from stores & peruse.

When you go shopping, park in a distant lot space. Inside the store, adopt the Ikea policy and peruse the aisles. Up and down all adds up!

2. Take the stairs.

If stairs are available in your complex or workplace, always opt-in for the extra steps instead of the elevator.

3. Do your chores.

Cleaning the house and cutting grass are necessary for upkeep anyway - don't discount the housework!

4. Walk your dog or stroll your child.

Have a dependent at home? Take them for a walk - fresh air is good for the soul.

5. Take a cardio class.

Signing up and committing to an exercise class is a perfect way to hit 10K!


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