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5 Workout Ideas at the Office

Core workout using exercise ball instead of desk chair

Yeah, yeah, we've heard that the brain can't technically multitask; but, that doesn't mean the body can't move WHILE you work. Here are 5 simple workouts to do at the office:

  1. Use an exercise ball as a desk chair. Build your core strength while you type up that report!

  2. Invest in a standing desk or put your laptop at waist height. Forcing yourself to stand during work helps with circulation, posture, and muscle toning.

  3. Walk while you take a call. Pop in earphones and stroll the neighborhood, especially if you're not sharing your screen!

  4. Keep weights near your desk. Picking up lightweight dumbbells and doing a few overhead presses during or in between meetings can kickstart your strength. 

  5. Stretch your neck, hands, shoulders, and back. All of these exercises can be done gently and while seated. Take 15 seconds for each side of your body.


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