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5 Outdoor Workouts

5 Outdoor Workouts

Now that the weather is getting cooler, it's great to get outside and enjoy some fresh, crisp air. And outdoor workouts don't only have to consist of walking. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Jump rope - a few minutes of jumping outdoors can really boost your energy level, not to mention, give you a brisk sweat! Grab a cheap rope from your local general store and head outside.

  2. Yoga or stretch - setting up a cushy mat on the grass can really invigorate your body AND mind. Follow along through headphones or do your own movement.

  3. Sprint from tree to tree - have a nearby trail with trees lining either side? Challenge yourself to run as fast as you can to each tree along the path.

  4. Play ANY sport - if you do it alone or in a group, as long as its outdoors, it counts!

  5. Yardwork - weeding, moving rocks, gardening - it all requires movement and a lot of it!


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