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5 Ways to Get Active During the Workday

5 Ways to Get Active During the Workday

We've all heard the 'take a break & move for 10min every hour' but how often do we actually adhere to that rule? Here are 5 ways to get active during the workday:

  1. Take a meeting while walking. Pop in some headphones and turn your video off. Get a few minutes of movement in around your house, office, or neighborhood.

  2. Do a 5-10min stretch. Using a guided video, audio, or your own routine, stretching your body (seated or standing) for a few minutes can do wonders for your well-being.

  3. Schedule a midday class. If you get a 'lunchbreak' (or even if you don't, you should), register for a class. Maybe it's a virtual class or a local class, but if you pay ahead of time, you're more likely to attend & get your needed physical break.

  4. Keep weights and/or an exercise ball near your desk. Having some basic equipment visible in your office can be a good motivator to do a few curls or sit on the ball for a few minutes per day.

  5. Stay accountable to a friend. Have someone in your world that is also looking for more physical activity during the day? Keep each other honest. Check-in daily to see if they've moved & have them do the same for you.


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