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5 Ways to Fit in Movement

5 Ways to Fit in Movement

Time is precious. Moving more throughout our day becomes harder and harder, especially if you have a desk job. Here are some ideas to fit it in:

1. Set a daily prompt. Maybe on your phone or on your Alexa. A quick 10 min of movement can really make a difference.

2. Move while working. Take a meeting while walking. Stand at your desk. Do some stretches while sitting. All of this counts.

3. Schedule & pay for a class in advance. When planning for the week or month, put your movement time on the calendar. Better yet, pay for a class so you're more incentivized to attend. Bonus if the class allows for children to also attend (no sitter needed!)

4. Utilize the time in-between. Small pockets of 'free' time? Even 5 minutes of stretching or running in place or doing some crunches can lead to better health.

5. Anchor movement to another activity. Cooking every night for at least 30 minutes? Do some squats while the water boils. Waiting for your kids to get done with an activity? Walk around the field or do some jumping jacks. This enables you to not change your schedule to fit in the movement.


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