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6 Ways to Be the Best YOU in Bullsh**!

6 Ways to Be the Best YOU in 2023

We get it. You're trying to hold it together while keeping it all in order. Life can be very overwhelming sometimes...and there is never enough time to work on our physical and mental well-being. We are here to help!

1. Join our Incentivize Exercise challenge. Bet on yourself and compete against other folks. Complete the daily prompt for a chance to win the entire pot! (FREE to view prompts).

2. Keep your goals in check with our You Can: Self-Care Accountability Group. Share your weekly goal and we will check-in with you at the end of the week. Motivation & inspiration also shared throughout the week. (FREE)

3. Sign up for our January 4-week Ladies' Empowerment Workshop at the Peters Township Rec Center. Movement, meditation, vision-boarding, goal-setting, sharing circles, and more!

4. Become a member of our DancEMPOWER network. Your registration gets you dance & fitness classes, accountability check-ins, and access to a network of supportive, accepting individuals. If you are struggling with weight loss, anxiety, or general self-care, our classes will motivate and our support will boost your confidence.

5. Need some external accountability? Keep your goals in check by subscribing to our sister program, the Pgh Dreamer Virtual Accountability Buddy. Meet weekly or bimonthly to break down lofty goals into achievable tasks. Maintain healthy change with supportive check-ins & overcome obstacles together. And if you're not ready to fully commit, try our 5-minute FREE goal-setting event in January:

6. Give back. Join our Do Good, Feel Good group where your daily input leads to non-profit donations. Each 'Like' = $$!! (FREE)


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